The Homeland

Imagine a place where they are always playing your favorite throwback music, the walls are covering in prints and kitsch, and there are students students rolling joints and drinking beers at 11 am on the weekdays.

Imagine when you sit down, they give you your favorite chai latte without ordering, and let you linger for hours over your book or homework.  There’s wifi.

Imagine they serve fried cheese on a roll for $2.50. Beer for $1.50.

Claire Voon Hany Bany Prague


It exists, and its the greatest place on Earth, or at least in Prague.  Alone or with friends, this little cafe by school has become our home base as we struggle through editing drafts, editing work, writing, reading, and selecting negatives.  They always great us with a smile, they help us with our Czech, and we make sure to tip well.

On my worst days, where everything seems pretty bleak and spring feels like a distant dream, I stumble in world weary and emerge with a little more faith in humanity.  On a particularly bad day, they happened to be playing the entire Simon and Garfunkel discography, and I nearly cried for joy.

The best part is that nearly anytime I go- Sunday afternoon, my brief lunch break on Wednesday- there’s a good friend sitting at one of our usual tables, and I can pull up chair and feel instantly at ease.  Conversation or homework, beers or sausage, we are all there for the same reason.  It’s good to come home.


Photo courtesy of Claire Voon.

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